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We are boutique consultants that operate outside the box of big consulting.  We operate primarily in the mining arena and our focus is on companies that are looking for significant and sustainable results in a shorter time frame.  Our approach is to be “consultant light”, where we spend the minimum time in our clients’ space and our approach is to be a coach alongside you.  We will guide you and your team with new insights and direction based on solid principles.


We see that most companies are struggling to reach their targets.  Their costs are higher than expected and they are under pressure to produce.  As a result, their managers’ frustration levels and stress levels are very high and they are under severe pressure on operational, financial, social and safety obligations.  Many could lose their jobs. 

Because of this high demand to perform and the inability to show immediate results, we experience that leaders have less time available and therefor they think they need more control.  This results in a business culture often defined by:

  • Very demanding and intimidating leadership styles.

  • A rigid, linear and often fragmented management approach.

  • More transactional processes, resulting in becoming a victim of even more inertia.

  • A culture driven by fear and uncertainty where we end up doing more of the same believing it will give us better results.

  • Disengaged people, although this was never the intent.


The good news is that all of this is preventable.

The number one insight that we have discovered after so many interventions is that instead of trying to optimize every component of the business, we must look at the total operation and find unique ways to create bottom line value for the whole company.  The methodology we use however, is radical and mind changing.


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Arrie van Niekerk 

+2782 452 2173

Arrie van Niekerk is a specialist Facilitator of the TOC (Theory of Constraints) in Mining. He was the project leader for the implementation of TOC in more than 90 mines and 15 manufacturing companies and has 25 years’ experience in this field.  Over the past 20 years, he developed a derivative of TOC for the mining industry, called TOC Production Flow for Mining and this approach is producing remarkable improvements in many mining companies.

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Callie Roos 

+2782 372 2790

Callie Roos is a truly Inspirational Speaker and Facilitator from the heart of Africa that uses his life experiences of tracking and survival in the African wilds as well as the principles of an open system to move organizations and their people from survival to significance. 

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