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Our offering is based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), enhanced by Rapid Results and some unique Leadership and Engagement processes. This insight is demonstrated in a video, which is on YouTube.  It captures the essence of our concept where we present 3 different ways to get water out of a bottle; the fastest way is 4 times quicker than the slowest. 

Our process is based on the following Foundations: Leadership, Flow of the Whole, Shared Understanding, Good Visibility and Empowered Execution.  These concepts are integrated into a powerful, tailored approach for each client, based on their specific bottlenecks, infrastructure and management culture.


We can almost guarantee that with this approach you will achieve your results; every month.  You will have less stress and more time to deal with bigger, strategic issues.  You will be able to build morale and confidence in achieving better outcomes on a sustainable basis. 

We know that the ultimate constraint is management attention, influenced by current mental frames where the team lacks a common understanding or insight and then they lose focus.

We know that leaders can have more time available and be more successful if they:

  • Make quicker, faster and better decisions

  • Can let go of their obsession to be in control and replace that with improved business and people processes that can put them in command.

  • Allow their teams to execute through the principles of what it means to be empowered for execution.

  • Learn to optimize the system as a whole for flow and buffered capacity.

In achieving this, the whole organization will become one learning organism with a shared consciousness of what they understand and how to execute.

This alignment will result in a learning entity as they will all become better self-organizers, empowered to adapt and to be more agile. They will definitedly become more effective and calm in execution. Your job is then to build the coalition and make it stronger.

We achieve this in the facilitation of specific:

  • War room dynamics for optimized flow.  In this process we create a shared consciousness and deal with all the management attention killers.  It is all about focus and advancement.

  • Interventions designed for change and improved process facilitation.

  • Learning opportunities in our leadership approach and style designed for optimized flow.


  • The 1st phase is a 3-day strategic assessment, after which we will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • If you agree to proceed, phase 2 will start with building the capability and designing your specific solution. It will include an overall flow model, a management and leadership approach, a buffer management system and a functional War Room.  

  • In phase 3 we will guide you through the implementing plan all the way and we hope to build a long lasting trust relationship with you. The initial aim is to experience at least 20% improvement, materializing in a significant shift in net profit.

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What we will do for you is to enable you and your team through an easy, proven methodology.  For a while, we will be your guides; remember that we have done this more than 90 times in the last 20 years.  We will develop your capability, introduce proven solutions and enable you in the process to shift into new gears and stay there. 


It is important to know that you will have to make some serious changes in the way you think, the way you measure, the way you plan and the way you execute.  It can be done, but for that you need the courage to do things in a new way!  You want to run your company much more successfully, without the stress and the pain.

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